About the course

KC4 is one of the key paper at CASL Corporate Level under Assurance & Ethics sub pillar. CASL expects candidates at Coporrate Level to have understanding of crtcial aspects of mnaging assurance engagements. This incldes acceptance, planning, managing, concluding and reporting with appropriate level of application knowledge on enterprise risk management.

Overview of the syllabus is as follows;

Main Syllabus Area Weightage (%)
Governance & Ethics 25%
Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Audit 25%
Audit Planning 15%
Evaluating Audit Evidence & Reporting 15%
Structure & Managing Professional Services 20%


Course Offering

    Full coverage of the syllabus through live streaming classes every week
    Past paper discussions
    Past paper discussions
    Two to three onsite classes in SL (at IAS Premises) to cover Pre seen case study and Mock Examaninations and Answer sessions
    Inbuilt video presentations followed by MCQs for each key topic

What Benifits You

    One to one dicussion of any topic suggested by the candidate for 2 hours per session
    Review of answers written by the candidate to identify areas for improvement
    Oppurtunity for the candidate to ask questions till the topic is understood
    Ideal for candidates who have been strugulling to pass KC4 sometime


purchase courses

Rs 15,000 Full Course

special notes

Revision live session for key topics

Past paper dicussions 

Onsite classes (Max 2-3) at IAS Premises to cover pre seen case study and mock exams/answers

Inbuilt video sessions for key topics

Book private tutoring

Rs 25,000 Per Session

special notes

One to one discussion of any key topic suggested by the candidate (2-4 Hours)

Review of answers submitted by the candidate to indety areas for improvement

Oppurtunity for the candidate ask questions on live basis

Ideal for any candidate who has been strugulling to get through KC4

What is private tutoring?
Private tutoring is like a "Home Visiting Individual Class" on virtual form where the facilitator and the candidate would join together on one to one basis.

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