About the course

Personalized one session to discuss any issue for 45 to 90 Minutes

Main Lecturer - Mr. Wasantha Nandasiri, ACA, ACMA, CGMA, BBA
Supported by - Mr. Hashan Waduge, ACA, B.Sc (Acc) sp, ICAEW Finalist

Only lecturer who produced more than 10 students with 65%+ marks in one case study exam & He had 98% pass rate in last time exam. Best Case study analyst in Sri Lanka. 


Course Offering

    We are here to offer huge beneficial factors to the students who are registered under our shed of learning. As a registered student under onlineaccounting.lk, you will be benefited as, 

    • The physical class feeling at your place. It will save your valuable time, transportation cost etc.
    • We are publishing recorded videos per each module for theoretical knowledge and live online questions and hard area discussions with the specialized facilitators. 
    • Students will be aline with top-ranked facilitators who are into the professional market.
    • Really great opportunity to sit for the standard MOCK EXAMS before attending your professional exams. 
    • According to further requests of the students, we will be providing online private tutors (at extra cost).

What Benifits You

    If you are an employee while studying to enhance your professional career, of course, these benefits for you,

    • Save unnecessary expenses.
    • Avoid traffics on the way in & out.
    • More than a tradition of weekend classes, you will earn the best facilities and the best knowledge.
    • Benefitted for overseas students (Middle East and Maldives) who are reading for professional exams while employing in a stressful environment.
    • Practice students with each and every little hidden, exam-focused factor.
    • We will provide a specialized private tutor online if students are not confident with any area. (at extra cost)

purchase courses

Rs 5,000 Full Course

special notes

This includes one live online class. One student can use either a mobile or computer to connect with the lecturer.

Book private tutoring

Rs 20,000 Per Session

special notes

This individual classes facility is not available currently.

Private tutoring is like a "Home Visiting Individual Class" on virtual form where the facilitator and the candidate would join together on one to one basis.

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