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CA Corporate & Strategic Level - 2024 December
CA - Business level 1 Dec 2024 - සිංහල / English
CA - Business level 2 Dec 2024 - සිංහල / English
CA - Business level 2024 Sep - සිංහල මාධ්‍යය
CA - Business level 2024 Sep - English Medium
Business Communication (CS1, CS2 English Courses)
Special Live Revision - Corporate & Strategic 2024 June
About Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Chartered Accountants are globally recognised and are identified as a brand of unique and versatile professionals, with the ability to steer any business successfully. CA Sri Lanka has produced over 8,000 members, who are recognised for their professional integrity, exceptional technical and perceptive skills, as well as financial discipline and out of the box thinking, which helps them add value to their organisations. The portfolio of Chartered Accountants comprises of Chairmen, Partners, Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, CEOs and CFOs, among other high-profile designations. 

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